September 1st 2020, Tuesday
9 am                      Welcome 
9.30-12 am            Plenary E-session (By Invited Speakers)
1-5 pm                   Plenary E-session (By Invited Speakers)
September 2nd 2020, Wednesday
Time                       E-Session
9-12 am                  Parallel E-Sessions
1-5 pm                    Parallel E-Sessions
September 3rd 2020, Thursday
Time                        E-Session
9-12 am                  Parallel E-Sessions
1-4 pm                    Parallel E-Sessions
4 pm                       Closing Ceremony


Invited and oral presentations will be by teleconference via Zoom, Jitsi, Google meet, etc as well as e posters. Conference e-presentation language is preferable English but it will be possible also Turkish, French and Russian. Different language presentations will be same virtual sessions.

All virtual presentations will be maximum 20 min and each session will exist about 4 speakers and 10-15 min for questions. All participants could access live sessions during the conference both as ljust istener or with camera online presentation via ID and meeting codes.  

Invited e-presentations will be 30 min in Plenary sessions. 

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