Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to VI. International Agricultural, Biological and Life Sciences Conference (AGBIOL 2024)  which will be organized by Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey and International Researcher Association. Our meeting is a premier international science, technology and business forum focusing on Agriculture, Biology and Life Sciences

The first AGBIOL conference has been organized in 2018 in Edirne, Turkey by Trakya University, with over 400 participants with over 800 papers. AGBIOL 2020 Conference was organized online in September 1-3, 2020 in Edirne, Turkey due to Covid 19 conditions with 480 abstracts with 1100 authors from 55 different countries in all parts of the world. Our e-conference was one of the biggest online conferences in recent years in the world with 333 oral, 147 e-poster presentations. In our AGBIOL 2021 conference even in Covid 19 pandemy was organized with worldwide participation from 44 countries with 421 papers by contributing 1066 authors and with with 288 oral, 133 e-poster presentations. AGBIOL 2022 conference was organized with a worldwide participation from 44 countries over 522 papers contributed by over 1300 authors. AGBIOL 2023 was organized worldwide participation from 33 countries with 833 papers contributed by over 2000 authors in last year as record participation. 

The AGBIOL 2024 will be normal participation as well as with online participation in Trakya University Balkan Congress Center in Edirne, Turkey on 18-20 September, 2024. The program will include oral talks by invited prominent scientists and oral and e poster presentations by participants in selected topics from the submitted abstracts focusing on Agriculture, Biology and Life Sciences topics.

With care for our nature and environment, we aim the green congress, meaning that as little as possible papers will be used. Abstract book will be published in electronic book and will be distributed to the participants on flash memory stick as well as by e mail for online participants. All the e-posters should be prepared in electronic form and then submit to via the conference e mail and will exhibit in electronical poster boards as well as in online e poster hall in our web page during the conference.